7th Alakajam – 20-22 September 2019

Theme: TOWER

Title: Tasty Tower

About the game ( Post jam version )
In this entry, you are a new recruit working at the Tasty Tower food truck! It is infamous in town for its questionable hygiene, though it doesn't stop hungry workers from coming back every lunch break. Your boss at Tasty Tower wants to see how well you perform on your first shift.

You have to successfully complete as many orders as you can in the given time.
Each order is broken down into a list of ingredients, and you have to correctly stack each ingredient on top off each other. If an incorrect touches the plate, the order is reset.
Lobbing an ingredient starts a combo, which multiplies your score. The combo breaks when the ingredient misses the plate.
Each successfully completed order gives you an extra 10 seconds.

Use the mouse and hold left-click to drag the requested ingredients onto the plate. The ingredients keep their inertia if you release the click.

RocketRager - programming
cbballs - graphics
Kevin McLeod - royalty-free music

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